Secrets of the Cell

I recently spoke about the Creator who made the unfathomably vast universe. What about the opposite end of the scale? What if we zoom into the smallest living creature, the cell, at the level of atoms and molecules? Dr. Michael Behe, a biochemist at Lehigh University in PA, has recently produced some fascinating videos on … Read more

Our Father (Luke 11:2)

We are created for intimacy with God, and praying to God is meant to be as natural as breathing air. Yet we don’t always remember God’s amazing eagerness to hear our prayers. Sometimes, it feels as though God is distant. Sometimes, it feels as though our prayers disappear into a void. Sometimes, we feel unworthy … Read more

A Bible Reading Plan

Reading through the Bible is a daunting task. Anyone who has attempted to read through the Bible would almost immediately run into insurmountable barriers in Exodus and Leviticus. Even with a great determination to plow through the barriers, it can be discouraging. I hope that our sermon series on the Covenant would at least help … Read more

Humility – February 2017

Dear Peddie Church Family, My greatest desire for you and me is that God would be glorified as we put on the character of Christ and be the light of Christ in our homes, schools, and workplaces. More than any other prayer concerns, I pray that we might know Christ personally and be transformed into … Read more